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Ellie Burke, Australia 


Engineering Project Coordinator


Travel| Meetups


Friends| Family| Deep & Meaningful Life Conversation 

My name is Ellie, and I am currently working as a project coordinator for a company that supports the mining industry. I love to travel, meet up with 
friends/family and love having some fun and meaning conversations about life in general.
I do try to live my life to the fullest every day, which can be quite difficult to do so when my 
family or partner is not really connecting at some spiritual and deeper emotional level. That is usually when I ask Cecilia for a Reiki session.

Every time we do this, my experience varies. From the beginning, it was obvious that my heart chakra is always the problem, 
and it was rather difficult to freely move the energy through my heart to the next level.  However, with the occasional counselling 
and Reiki from Cecilia, I do feel that it was getting better, and that
I am happier with a clearer mind of what my life is about
Last one was earlier this year. Then for the first time in my life, I was able to see the vibrations of sounds in various ways.  
It was very stormy that night with lightning and thunder. 
I just acknowledged that there were a lot of sounds surrounding me, and that I was able to just lie there 
and let all those sounds be and see the vibrations of sounds in front of me. Also doing Reiki, I could feel that I was at a much better place than before, 
knowing that there is good energy flowing through me and around me.

After each session, I learned more about myself as it clearly indicated what I need to work on to make myself happy and be in a better place.

I am getting better everyday, thanks to Cecilia's support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Ivona_Hristova_Reiki Healing.jpg

Ivona Hristova, Colombia



Yoga| Sport| Art| Cooking


Life| Dogs| Food 


My first experience with Reiki headlining was with Cecilia. 
It found me in a place where I didn’t know how much I needed it, yet it opened a door for me that I didn’t know I was struggling with. 
I entered the space without expectations, and I left it without any, so anything I experienced was pure and internal. 
She put so much attention and energy to prepare us both to begin the session. 

During the hour of Reiki, I felt extremely relaxed, yet awake and alert. 
It felt like my body was floating on water or clouds. For the whole hour, I was all an experience. It felt healing.
I was in a time of my life of huge transitions, of changing places, shedding older skins and trying to grow into the new shape. 
Cecilia’s Reiki helped me tap into that experience, to open my heart for the love that was flowing in my life, for the abundance that the path 
provided for me.
It helped me calm and ground down in the middle of the storm. 
In the time of my Reiki with Cecilia, I was on a crossroad in my life. I was finishing a Master degree, and honestly – a lifetime of being a student. 
It was a time of making big decisions, and her Reiki helped me get in touch with my own truth. 
As a result, I moved out of Europe and flew all the way to Colombia for a new beginning. 
I am part of the creation of a local environmental education project based on birds, art and English in rural Colombia. 
In my free time, it is a lot of yoga and sports, trying to squeeze in arts and cooking, walks and videocalls. What makes me love? 
Life, dogs, sports and food.


Megane_Teisseire_Reiki Healing.jpeg

Megane Teisseire, France


Yoga Teacher & Nutritionist


Dance| Yoga Flow| Sea swim


Creating healthy treats & meals for friends & family

I really enjoyed my Reiki experience with Cecilia. I felt completely safe to just surrender. And for me, that is very important - to be able to let go and trust.
During the session I felt completely relaxed, navigating between sleep and wakefulness.
I started feeling some benefits from the next day. It helped a lot with my self-confidence. Also it was amazing doing that during our yoga teacher training as I had the opportunity to reflect on it during my practice. 
I can say that I genuinely felt stronger physically and emotionally after one session.

-I work as a yoga teacher and nutritionist.
-I dance or flow on my mat for play or if it’s summer I go swimming in the sea. Those 3 things bring me the most joy and energy.
-I love creating healthy meals and treats to share with my friends and family.

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