The Story

Gifted with intelligence, compassion and a deep wound that he could not heal, Chiron was a Greek mythological centaur who traversed the world collecting a variety of practices, medicines and techniques that benefited not only himself, but also future heroes he later met.

CHYRON Counsel stands for research, study, practice, discussion and discoveries that result in
a combined holistic approach to management of the human condition, enabling optimal lifestyle strategies 
tailored to the individual.

Reiki healer, Yoga Alliance 500RYT (Vinyasa, Yin, Ayurveda & Five Elements Theory), startup co-founder, Law graduate, Human Resource Management professional, sister, daughter, friend and traveller, I have explored, experimented with and continuously work to develop and refine appropriate methodology that combines alternative wellness practices 
to create successful holistic lifestyle strategies.

I am excited to offer this to you.

With love,
Cecilia Ho 


CHYRON Counsel

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